Let us connect through The Vine

We aim to create an environment for our clients to effectively communicate their brands through exhibitions & design.

Each brand is distinctive, so every project ought to appear as different. However, the way we deliver remains.

Each event/exhibition ought to generate substantial business benefits, produce mindfulness, create leads, create deals and unwavering loyalty.

By working closely with you, we formulate a solution through understanding your brand, your image & lastly your objectives


We gather as a team to innovate, explore and assembles our creativity together to come up with a design concept.

Coming together to pen down our thoughts and sketches before developing into 3D illustration.


Every exhibit is produce by our team of craftsmen with dedication and passion.

Our Production aim to expand the limit of what we can accomplish and push higher than ever.

Project Management

Every project needs to be managed with loved!

As time is of the essence, a complete pre show & onsite exhibition stand project management service, allowing you to focus on other important details of your exhibition marketing strategy.

There will be a devoted manager who knows the details of the exhibition project, rest assured everything will fall into place as planned.